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Hail the conquering hero returns, his fight is at an end,

Back to those he left behind, a new life now to mend.

So many months he’s been away, so long he’s been apart,

Never once while he was gone, had he left the public’s heart.

They saw him off with honours; they came tenfold and score,

Sadness was within their hearts, as they sent him off to war.

With promises of safe return, their soldiers left to fight,

To show a tyrant, what was what, show him wrong from right.

They did their duty, night and day, lives put on the line,

The evil was defeated, now return, it was their time.

For an instance you remembered, your promise that was made,

To honour all, was so short lived, the memories did fade.

And now so many suffer, from a disease that lurks within,

It’s really hard to make some sense, of a war that we did win.

Where now is all the public, who were there to see us go,

Amongst the rest who just ignore, accuse, or just say no.

Politicians now repute the fact; there is no after war,

No disease that eats away, those once you all were for.

Believe them if you think you must, believe if it is right,

Forget the ones that suffer, their war they must still fight.

Let them down, break promises, carry on with all your lives,

Governments will rule your life; you can listen to their lies.

Take this in, one last thought, let protest then be filed,

Think could you ignore this case, if one was just your child!

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