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The Cheese Catcher

Boredom's set in, there's nothing to do, so we invented a game, to see us through.

My thinking cap on, whilst crouched on my knees, by George I've got it! We’ll do something with cheese.

What's he mumbling about, I can hear you say, in war they were bored, a game to play.

Let me explain, pull up a chair, i'll tell you of this game, we played out there.

Abundance of cheese, we seemed to collate, processed it was, twas a food we did hate.

Solid it was, to consume was a sin, smelly old cheese, found in a tin.

But it had its uses as Cheese Mountain got higher, we’d chuck it away, well onto the fire.

And then the fun starts, believe it or not, cause whilst in the fire, the tins got red-hot.

As the cheese in the tin, did start to fry, it would fly from the ashes, high up in the sky.

The idea now, whilst stood in those sands, catch falling cheese, in waiting hands.

It might seem easy or maybe not, cause down came the cheese, still piping hot.

Experienced masters, with ease, without struggle, would catch burning cheese and then start to juggle.

But alas the novice, who was new in those sands, would lunge at the cheese and catch with both hands.

But soon he’d get wise, a lesson was learnt, don’t catch it and hold or your hands will get burnt.

So there you have it, a new game was born, ‘Catch & Juggle’ till cheese was just warm.

I wondered if I could have patent this game, and leave the Army, gaining wealth & fame.

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