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The End

I have been diagnosed by the Ministry of Defence as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which rears its ugly head when an individual experiences a traumatic situation that somehow leaves its imprint in the recesses of the mind. The aftermath can affect each sufferer in many different ways. This book will give a personal insight into situations encountered in the Gulf, and how a once out-standing soldier, turned into an individual who now struggles to get through life, day by day. The description that readily springs to mind is a “living nightmare”. To read through this account you must be prepared to leave your world behind. Indulge in the trauma that affects my very existence, and accept that however unbelievable it might all seem, it is fact, not fiction.

Although this introduction is named “The End”, it is actually the start of the beginning that leads to the end. A composition of facts and poems that will allow you to relive a time in an individual’s life that very few, in a global sense, will ever have to endure. An accurate, first hand account of the realities of war and its aftermath. An insight into the daily grind of an individual’s life, which has been dramatically changed because the system he served, loyally for thirteen years and one hundred days, has forgotten him and many others like him.

Draw your own conclusions, but be under no misconception that what you read is how it happened and is still happening, to many a forgotten soldier. The Ministry of Defence might be able to fool the world that there is nothing wrong with those who fought in the First Gulf War, but until you actually go through something like that, even I would not have believed it. With that in mind, the soldier who suffers the most is the one who thinks that there is no one out there who cares. Do not let us down as the Government has, do not let those who served their country become just another forgotten statistic. Do not let those to follow, become that statistic. 

Another day to test one’s strength, to hold in all the pain.

Uncontrollable thoughts intrude, driving me insane.

Oblivious are you, on the outside, you believe the lies your fed.

Only I have known the truth, the pain within my head.

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