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What Future Have I

Yesterday I sat in the park, upon a wooden bench,

Today I’m lying in the sand, in what is called a trench.

Tomorrow, well it may never come, still I’ll wait and see,

What the future has in store, what it holds for me.

Yesterday was normal, I was just an average guy,

Today I lay in shallow grave, waiting, just to die.

Tomorrow if I get through this day, I’ll see the next one through,

But who knows what the future holds, for the likes of me and you.

Yesterday a car back fired, the noise it made me jump,

Today the banging never stops, in my throat I have a lump.

Tomorrow will be just the same, I’m being driven round the bend,

Continuous thunder is not fun, I wish it would soon end.

Yesterday I saw a rabbit, run over by a car,

Today there’s bodies everywhere, things might have gone too far.

Tomorrow, there’ll be more destruction, more bodies dead and dying,

And sorrow now will fill the air, comrades feel like crying.

Yesterday is now forgotten, it seems a distant past,

Today, I’ll live as best I can, because it might be my last.

Tomorrow, well! Who knows the score,

And what the future has in store.....

There's a little madness in us all!

Has anyone seen my Hand-Grenade 

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