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Lies & Deceit

Governments involved, unite, cover up the veteran’s plight.

Lie about the truth they know, keep it from the public show.

Wrap it up, bound in tape of red, let the truth out, when all are dead.

Pass the buck, hide the lie’s, as the veteran, slowly dies.

Who’ll care for us, as fate awaits, as the illness shows its dreadful traits.

We exist in a parallel, alone and in pain, find a culprit to put in the frame.

Hear our cries; we’re all alone, wondering why we ever came home.

Twas better to die, by one’s self in the sand, than to live this life, which ain’t so grand.

Somebody help us, before it’s too late, before we die, of an anonymous fate.

Acknowledge the commitment, we all gave; do not let us go, forgotten to the grave.

Do not pass us by, ignoring the facts, as though we were all, in black body sacks.

If it was you, who hurt like we do, you’d fight for your right, to know what was



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